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RBDM 6.x_Utilities

Riparian Buffer Delineation Model_Utilities:

The RBDM v5.x Utilities is an ArcGIS Desktop\Pro toolbox designed to support the main RBDM v5.x  functionality. These two supporting tools

  • Analyze My FGDB: Analyzes prepared project .gdb and checks that all the required attributes are available and highlights errors before running the "Riparian Batch" tool. this tool.






  • Prepare Riparian Soil: Prepares gSSURGO data according to a user-defined query. gSSURGO raster layer is the main input. the user can specify specific soil attributes that represent riparian soil in your study area. Palik et al., (2004)* presented riparian soil criteria based on four SSURGO soil attribute; Hydric Class, Drainage Class, Hydrologic Soil Group, and Flood Frequency. The output is a vector format riparian soil layer.



















* Estimating riparian area extent and land use in the Midwest. (2004). B. J. Palik, S.M.Tang, Q. Chavez. Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-248. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Research Station. 28 p. DOI:




  • Prepare Riparian Areas Inventory: Collects results from the Riparian Batch process to generate a seamless riparian area layer. 
















Prepare Riparian Areas Inventory Tool.
Riparian Resuls
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