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Below are example applications utilizing either the National Riparian Areas Base map (NRAB) or RBDM tools to delineate, quantify, or assess riparian areas on multiple scales and in different landscapes.

FOREST TO FAUCET: Utilizes the developed National Riparian Areas Base map (NRAB) as a representative of existing and potential riparian areas input on a national scal to assess sub-watersheds importance for surface drinking water and highlight potential threats.

STATEWIDE RIPARIAN OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT - NEW YORK: The New York Department of Enviromental Conservation (DEC) used RBDM tools to delineate a state wide riparian base map to extract key riparian areas metics to help develop opportunity assessment to strategically identify and prioritize sites for implementation of DEC's Rees for Tribs program and other riparian restoration efforts within New York state. 

RIPARIAN & WETLANDS HABITAT - NEW MECIXO: New Mexico Natural Heritage (NMNH) utilized RBDM tools to delineate riparian areas based on a curated NHD streams to classify riparian vegetation and habitat along the New Mexico perrenial streams.

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